About Us

  1. Bangladesh International Mediation Society commonly known as BIMS. BIMS provides Mediation Service to help resolve civil and commercial disputes of both a domestic and international nature. BIMS Affiliated Mediators’ comprise experts in law and other fields and are bound by BIMS’s Code of Conduct foe Mediators’ and confidentiality obligations.

BIMS start a Mediation Academy. Mediation Academy’s main objective is to advance local and regional learning about strategic conflict management and dispute resolution via Mediation. To this end Mediation Academy hosts both seminars/workshop/conference for the general people and specific trainer for those interested in becoming Mediators’.

BIMS Promote:
* How to manage difficult people as difficult situation.
* How to create change, innovation and disruption.

BIMS Responsibility:
* The main responsibility of the Society is to popularize the operation and practice of Mediation.

Corporate member:

Bangladesh international Mediation society is the corporate member of the Indian institute of Arbitration and Mediation.